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Integrating E Commerce Solutions for your website

E commerce was supposed to change the world.  In the infant days of the DOT.COM Revolution(early 2000s) Brick and Mortar stores were said to be a thing of the past.  Whereas E commerce stores were thought to be more efficient with lower overhead cost. And we all know what happened to the DOT.COM bubble when […]

How to build your Youtube Subscriber List

Pretty much everyone wants to build a bigger Subscriber list on Youtube.  As Youtube has brought fame to the common everyday person.  Giving us the ability to be celebrities in our own right.  It is reality TV at its finest and on our own terms.  It has also allowed us to build an audience for […]

Internet Marketing Simplified

Presented at Toronto Marketing Power Networking After 23 consecutive appearances, Pepsi Cola opted out of the 2010 Superbowl and instead invested its ad budget in Social Media Marketing. This is yet another sign that internet promotion has, and will continue to overtake traditional Marketing channels. Topics such as Internet Advertising and Search Engine Optimization are […]