Boxing Combos App : A great tool for Fitness Enthusiast, Athletes and those trying to stay in shape.  Most perform “Shadow Boxing” where you perform striking combinations in the air.  Boxing Combos helps you in that process by calling out combinations in assigned intervals.  So you can focus on the performance of movements, rather than which combination to use next.  A great way to stay fit whether you are on the go or looking for a home workout.  Very little knowledge of boxing techniques is required.  Over 26,000+ downloads on the App store.  Click for here Android or Iphone.

Ninja King : Desktop Video game similar to Legend of Zelda.  Goofy fun at its best.  Join Ninja King as he travels to the land of Miyan. The Miyan were a peaceful race until the hostile take over of the Subaki. Ninja King journeys to Miyan only to find his help unwanted. Ninja King’s journey becomes a personal insight as he learns about the antithetical cultures of Miyan and Subak. Over 30,000 downloads on original release. Download for PC here.

Ninja King Mobile : A mixture between Legend of Zelda and Pacman. Our hero Ninja King has been captured. Luckily utilizing his Ninja Skills he has managed to escape his cell. However he still needs to get past the Samurai guards.

Not having any weapons available to him, Ninja King will have to utilize those old fashion Ninja Skills. Taking advantage of natural stealth and timing.

Based on the original Ninja King game with new challenges.  Good mobile fun when you are on the run.  Play the browser version here.

Last Daisheika : An Adventure Desktop RPG game. Similar to Final Fantasy with Samurais, Magic and Action!  Zakayun, the child of Shinsyu Moromito sought vengeance on his father’s enemy Rukoban Hazami. Rukoban was once the head of the warrior clan of Tyakan. Shinsyu, then the leader of the Syabayi Clan was a long rival of Rukoban.  Zakayun had a promise to keep. Zakayun set himself for his journey to restore honour to his family and free the continent of Kyunoka once again.  Download for PC here.

Kittens Attack App : If you like Kittens then you will love this game. We love them too so we made a game similar to the retro classic Space Invaders.

This is a game that isn’t meant to take itself too seriously. Meant for the casual player who wants to kill some time and have some fun. Styled after the retro arcade games.  Click here for Android or Iphone.

We have other products we have developed that are not listed here.