Boxing Combos – Fitness on the Go

Boxing Combos – Fitness on the Go

Keeping in shape can be tough to do.  Particularly when you factor in the allocation of time required.  As simply driving to the gym and changing into your workout gear can take more out of your day than you’d like.  If you could only get a good workout at home or when you’re on the road without any equipment.

The Boxing Combos app might be just the solution for you.  Boxercise is one of the best ways to keep fit.  As it challenges many of the different muscle groups in your body while working at a high intensity.  Professional Boxers often do a form of boxing exercise known as “Shadow Boxing”.  This is an exercise where you perform punches and combinations in the air against an imaginary opponent.  It serves as a great cardio workout, along with experimenting with how different combinations flow together.  However if you are not a professional boxer there can be a challenge of knowing what to do and what punches to use.

Boxing Combos can help by putting together some combinations for you.  Simply turn on the app and let the background music inspire you to get moving.  You will hear different combinations of punches being called out.  Perform each of the movements on command and get that workout your body needs.

For more experienced boxers, Boxing Combos can act as a reflex training tool.  Working on your ability on how quickly you can respond on command.

Aside from the app, Boxing Combos doesn’t require any equipment.  It’s an easy and quick way to get working out in the comfort of your on home or when you’re travelling on the road.  Save time and spare yourself from being judged at the gym while getting in shape.

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