Tech Talk is Annoying

Tech Talk is Annoying

Tech talk can be an annoying thing when it is not used right.  What exactly is Tech Talk?  It’s using big fancy jargon words, when it can most likely be said more simply in the English language.  As an example :

Client : “There is something wrong with my monitor”

Tech Consultant : “It’s your CRT.”

Client : “What is a CRT?”

Tech Consultant : “Cathode ray tube.”

Client : (Blank stare)

Tech Consultant : “It’s part of your Monitor.”

Client : “So do you know what the problem is?”

Tech Consultant : “No clue.”

Most of the time Tech talk is used to cast the appearance one is saying something more complex than it actually is.  It helps to keep others either intimidated or out of the conversation.  Making an outsider feel that the barrier of knowledge is so high that they will never be able to comprehend.  Dissuading the listener from asking further questions.

You personally might be very knowledgeable in your own area of expertise.  Whether that be in Law, Business, Science, Fitness, History, Psychology or Finance.  Yet you may feel clueless when talking to your tech guy with all the jargon flying around.  That projected feeling of being clued out may not necessarily be unintentional.  At times Tech Talk can be a cover up to actually to keep you out of the conversation and discourage people from asking further questions.

Tech talk is also a way to market and hype up new technology.  Even when it is a minor change change to an existing technology.  It doesn’t sound too sexy to say there is a “small” improvement to an old technology.  So let’s give a great fancy new name!  That way it seems bigger, better and more confusing than it actually is.  It’s a way of repacking the old and making it new and shiny with an embellished name.

True masters of their subject are able to make the complex seem very simple.  Along with being able to communicate with others in a simplified manner.  Which essentially cuts through all the superfluous details and goes the heart of the matter.

Not to say all tech talk is bad.  It does at times help to identify things quicker by providing distinct names for everything.  Understanding the various strains of similar items.  But most of the time tech talk is not used well making something seem more than it actually is.

The point of communication is for the other person to understand what you are saying.  So when all else fails, English is the best language to communicate in.  Assuming of course the predominate dialect in your region is English.