Desktop Programming Solutions : Creating desktop software for your business that helps solve key processes.

Game / Entertainment Market Development : Development of PC Desktop, Mobile, HTML5 or Flash Games.

Internet Marketing : Trying to make sense of what is the best option to Market your business on the Internet.  Whether that be selecting the right ad campaign (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Pay per Click systems), SEO or Social Media.  We can help cut through the confusion and build a prudent strategy for you.

Mobile App Development : For Iphone, Android and Windows Mobile.

Product Management : Translating those business requirements into technical specifications.  Creating your product according to the needs of your customer.

Quality Assurance : Test your latest software products to ensure robustness with automated and manual scripted testing.

Security : Secure your valuable company properties like your Website, Network and Computer devices.

Web Development : Whether you want a simple website or a complex e-commerce site we can help.  Utilizing PHP, Javascript, HTML5, MYSQL and ASP.NET