The question is asked often what Typhon Vision means.  Typhon was a multi headed dragon in Greek Mythology.  Which represents the myriad of solutions which Typhon Vision offers.

Typhon Vision was officially incorporated in 2007.  Although our roots began in the early 2000s as a Web Consulting Company.  Working with clients to optimize their Internet Marketing strategy.  Achieved through Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Internet Advertising Campaigns.

Since then Typhon Vision has evolved into a Technology company.  Realized through Custom Software creation, Mobile Apps, Desktop Software, IT Infrastructure Consulting, Web Applications, Internet Marketing and Video Game Creation.

We strongly believe in a plain english non tech talk approach.  Helping you to understand the solution in the most logical no nonsense way.  Focusing on the most practical solution for your business to reach your objectives.

We understand one of the most common frustrations is dealing with a company that speaks too much tech talk. We hate tech talk too! We would like help you demystify technology, empowering you to make the right business choices.

Typhon Vision works with Large, Medium and Small businesses. Having serviced your smallest home based business to corporate solutions. Utilizing our experience in various industries with companies in Law, Fitness, Non-profit, Health, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Home Improvement, Fashion and Education.