Advantages of Facebook Advertising

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

The Social Media platform Facebook has taken the world by storm. Revolutionizing the way we connect with friends and build new relationships. Facebook is also revolutionizing the business world. With the launch of its cutting edge Advertising Platform, it has allowed businesses of all sizes to target it’s key prospects with greater isolation.

How does Facebook Advertising work?

If you’ve been on the social network Facebook, you may have noticed these small advertisements on the side of the page while navigating through the site(Shown in the picture below – outlined in red). What you may not realize is these advertisements are targetted to you as a focused demographic. As well as working respectively with the actual contents of the page.

Facebook is an affordable system even for small businesses. Facebook mirrors the Google Ads system, by working on the Pay Per Click system(PPC). For those of you not familiar with the PPC system, it first starts by setting a monthly budget limit. Like Google Adwords, the minimum budget for facebook is a $31 dollar per month. Which is less expensive than most traditional advertising systems like Yellowpages, which may cost anywhere for $90-$500 per month. And the biggest difference is you’re locked into that price throughout the year with traditional advertising. Whereas the beauty of the PPC advertising Campaign, you may freeze it on given months when cash flow is slower. Although you really shouldn’t, since Marketing helps to increase revenues 🙂

Then you select some of the keywords on the given page which may trigger your advertisement. For instance if you run a martial arts school, seeing the word “martial arts” on the page may trigger your advertisement. This is similar to the keyword phrases you’d have with Google Ads.

Next you select the demographics which you’d like to see your advertisement. For instance, if your target Market is single women from the Ages of 31-40 in Toronto, Ontario,  Canada, you can target that specific market. As there is no point in expending resources for people who are not your key demographic. This is where Facebook has great superiority over Google Ads. Since with Google Ads, the only information that Google can be sure of is where you are from(Based on your IP Address). Unless of course you are logged into your Gmail account, where you may/may not have included personal information. Whereas with Facebook, to really enjoy the experience the user HAS to put in personal information which acts as leverage for the advertiser.

Once you have established your monthly budget. You then select a range which you will pay per click. These ranges then allow you to be put into an automatic bidding system. So while a given user is navigating through facebook, based on the bidding ranges you have selected, your advertisement will appear with a certain frequency(Known as Impressions). However the best part of Facebook, like Google Ads, you don’t pay for the Impressions for your website(Unless you choose to). You pay only when a given user has expressed interest by clicking on your advertisement to go to the site. Unlike a traditional newspaper advertisement, you pay for it just to be shown, regardless of how many responses you have.  And that is very reason that Internet Advertising is growing year over year.  And traditional advertising mediums like TV, Print, Radio, Phone Directories, Magazines and Newspaper are losing money.  And it’s not to say those methods are not useful, but Internet Advertising like Facebook are gaining market share!

(Insert Sales Cheesy Pitch here) Now for the tech savvy user, you can run your own facebook ad campaign. However, since most people find managing an advertisement campaign and setting it up a tedious process(As it can a full time job in itself), Typhon Vision can assist you in that process. As well as leverage our experience by comparing the results of other successful campaigns, researching the most effective keywords and analyzing your competitors. Typhon Vision has successfully helped many clients in Greater Toronto Area and abroad run effective campaigns. (Finish Sales Pitch with a little extra Fromage here)

So if you’re looking for a new dimension in your advertising solutions, Facebook may have the answer!  It allows greater isolation in your key demographic.  This level of control has never been seen before.  Yet at the same time Facebook utilizes the same cost/effective method of Pay Per click.   Facebook is not only one of the best social networking platforms, it’s now becoming one of the best Advertising mediums.  It’s worth checking it out!