Sales Samurai – Sales Methodology done right

Sales Samurai – Sales Methodology done right

Sales is an art form.  Many people think Sales is a talent that you either have or don’t.  While it’s true that some people have more innate talent for Sales.  (Including any art form for that matter)  It is a trained skill that requires discipline and practice with a structured methodology.

Good Sales people use a consultative method of selling.  Learning to ask a series of questions which gets the prospect thinking.  Taking something initially in the back of their mind and into full focus in the forefront.  It’s like staring at the crack in the wall which they’ve come to live with and be complacent.  The more they stare at that crack in the wall they begin to realize it’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

However it’s easy to get into bad habits with selling.  Going from telling, rather than selling.  As we are often faced with the pressure of trying to get the prospect where we want with statements.  Rather than leading them the right way through creative questions.  Sales Samurai can help you keep that structured approach.

It’s easy to pull out the App and use as your guideline from asking good questions in the meeting.  Using a combination of Open Ended questions and Spin Selling techniques.  While taking them through your presentation and handling their objections with the Feel, Felt and Found method.  Ultimately taking the client through the close with a myriad of suggested techniques.

Sales Samurai is your sales coach and trainer in your pocket.  Available to you at all times to help keep you on track as a professional.  Everyone in business needs to sell.  So whether your an Entrepreneur starting your own business or a seasoned Sales representative, this app can help you!

Sales Samurai is available on Iphone and Android.  Find it on Itunes or the Google Play store.

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