How to build your Youtube Subscriber List

How to build your Youtube Subscriber List

Pretty much everyone wants to build a bigger Subscriber list on Youtube.  As Youtube has brought fame to the common everyday person.  Giving us the ability to be celebrities in our own right.  It is reality TV at its finest and on our own terms.  It has also allowed us to build an audience for very niche topics.  Whereas in traditional broadcasting the same risk could not be taken.

Having a large subscriber list is certainly a key point in an maintaing motivation to produce videos on Youtube.  Since knowing that people are watching is knowing that people care.  Giving you continued incentive to keep on producing great videos.  And now with the advertising revenue that can made from Google there are solid financial reasons

Your Subscribers are your loyal followers.  Your regular audience that keeps on coming back for more.  And are often the same people who comment and have discussions on your videos.

The question is how can you build more subscribers on your Youtube channel?

Many people do not know that aside from Subscribers there is something known as Youtube Friends.  Since Youtube has become more than a video sharing site but a social network.  Which you have your own personal Inbox similar to email.  As well as your own wall on your Youtube page (Similar to Facebook).  Along with the ability to post comments to other people(Which most people are familiar with that feature).

When you send Friend request as certain number of people will also actually subscribe to your Youtube Channel.  Certainly getting a subscriber is better than a Youtube Friend request.  However, its still a good option since you can contact those users again at another time.

The trick is how do you send out the right friend request on Youtube?  You want to find like minded people who have similar interest.  That’s where YOUTUBE LIST comes into play.  It’s a online database of Youtube Demographics.  Where you get to search different Youtube Channels / Users in regards to their specifics.  Such as what city they are located in.  Or their age group and interest and activities.

Building your Youtube Subscribers through Friend request is certainly not a glorious way to build your Subscriber list.  Sure it would be great if you could make a viral video and then have overnight success.  However it’s a reliable and steady way to build your way to success.  And even Rome wasn’t built overnight.