Successful implementation of SEO content

Successful implementation of SEO content

Content creation for websites can be a challenge task.  In the Internet world, a number of considerations need to be made when deciding upon the writing style for your website.  One of the biggest challenges today is addressing web writing from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Marketing perspective.  As the two are often classed separately as “SEO Writing” and “Marketing writing”.

One may ask, exactly what are the differences between the two styles of writing?

SEO Writing is meant for the purpose of attracting the attention of popular Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  And utilizing the tricks of the trade in the writing style to gain favorable ranking.  One of the most important factors of SEO writing is the proper use of KEYWORD DENSITY.  This concept will be explained further in the article.

Marketing writing is made for purpose of enticing the reader to take the next step in the sales cycle.  Whether that be making a phone call or filling out an inquiry form.  This is often referred to as the “CALL TO ACTION”. (And is related to the term “conversion” referred to in other articles)

In the early days of the Web, of the two writing styles, Marketing writing held greater popularity.  Mainly because websites of the past we’re considered on-line brochures.  And often mirrored the writing style used in traditional media.  As Search Engine Optimization writing was not considered as strongly, since Search Engines we’re still refining their formula.  And a fair amount of traffic could still be derived through the manipulation of Metatags and Banner ads.

Marketing writing is often written in a style which is conversational.  And special attention is paid to the rhythm and flow of words.  While utilizing certain “hot button” words which act hypnotically on the reader.  Making it suggestive for them to proceed to the call to action.  Also, the greater variance in the wording lends itself better to Brand Quality.  Maintaining a level of sophistication in the writing.

So the question remains as to which style should be used for your website?  The answer is BOTH!  As they both have their strengths and weaknesses.  A prudent strategy includes having content for both purposes.  With the most visible pages of your website populated with traditional marketing writing.  And the less obvious sections of your website to have SEO Content which helps to attract the attention of Search Engines.

Now the differences between the two styles has been established, the main factor for SEO writing will be outlined.  Since it is another article in itself to elaborate further on the principals of marketing writing.

As mentioned previously, one of the important aspects of SEO writing is the use of your selected keywords in high repetition.  For instance, if the objective was to rank well on the keyword term “widgets toronto”;  It would be ideal to have a page written in high frequency with that given keyword “widgets toronto”.  The given example may look something like this :

“XYZ Company is the number one company of Widgets in Toronto.  We have been supplying the best Widgets in the Greater Toronto Area for over 20 years.  All we do is specialize is in Widgets in Toronto.  Not many people in Toronto know what a Widget is.  But if ask anybody in Toronto on who is the best widget supplier, and they’ll direct you to XYZ company”

Now the above example is an over exaggerated example, utilizing keyword density shamelessly.  But taken with a grain of salt, the basic example provides a framework on how popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing think.  As you can see the given text has a high frequency of the keyword “Widgets” and “Toronto”.  Having a high keyword density helps search engines to determine the overall subject matter of the page.

However, the provided example merely serves to outline the basic principals of keyword density.  Since a search engine like Google is sophisticated enough to detect if the overall percentage of the keyword density is overdone.  If the overall percentage of keyword density is TOO HIGH, it is placed in the Google Sandbox.  In the Google Sandbox, the given page is investigated for manipulation of aggressive Search Engine Optimization which are not ethical.  (Which many adult sites have been guilty of utilizing keyword-stuffing techniques).  Having said that, the goal of SEO writing is to include keyword density in an INTELLIGENT manner.  Which doesn’t sound contrived or manipulative.  As the given text does not sound articulate (Unless you are a caveman).

This style of writing of using keywords in a high frequency can often be in opposition to SEO writing.  Since SEO writing focuses on distributing a high keyword frequency and repetition throughout the page.  Whereas Marketing writing in order to sound more articulate, often the goal is to not re-use words in high frequency.

As mentioned previously, Marketing writing should be placed in the most visible areas of the website;  Such as the Main Menu navigation.  And SEO writing should be placed in the less obvious sections of your website.  As the main purpose is to attract the Search Engines attention and have the user to delve deeper into your website.  So the question may be asked where can one utilize these less visible sections of your website?

The best placement for your SEO pages is in the area known as the sitemap.  A sitemap acts as an visible(or invisible) index of all the given pages on your website.  Similar to an index in the back of book to quickly reference specific subjects.  Sitemaps are mainly used for the purpose of allowing Search engine to capture the information on your website more effectively.  Often sitemaps are placed away from the obvious navigation of your website that a user is unlikely to read that given page.  However by having your SEO pages linked from your sitemap, they technically exist and open up opportunities to be found by Search Engines.  However, once they have landed on your website, the viewer is more likely to read your Marketing writing pages.

With the many faucets to consider, SEO and Marketing writing need to be used in conjunction.  Even though the styles of writing are in dichotomy, they address different functions of Marketing.  SEO Writing helps to drive traffic and brings window shoppers in the door.  While Marketing writing helps to convert the casual browsers into customers.  Planning for implementation of both writing styles increases your chances of success!